Let the journey begin

Agenzia Spaziale Italiana

The launch of a new mission takes humankind to the most remote place and accompany them on the most exciting and magnificent journey ever.

With the same enthusiasm as the first man on the moon and the dedication of those who love to innovate on earth, ASI’s merchandising store aims to bring enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike closer to space exploration and interplanetary travel. Through collectible objects and clothing, everyone can take a first, small step, toward the universe.

ASI Official Store ASI Official Store

ASI merchandising store is inspired by space science, cutting-edge technologies and cosmos’ exploration to create unique and inimitable collectibles. Attention to design and trends is combined with the values of research and development promoted by the Italian Space Agency, with the goal of bringing humankind closer to the immensity of the universe.



An adventure that began over five hundred years ago, of which Italy has been and is the protagonist.

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