The project

The project

Italian Space Agency

ASI, acronym for Agenzia Spaziale Italiana – Italian Space Agency, is the Italian institution in charge of the promotion and development of national space activities. Over the years, ASI has established itself as one of the world’s most important players on the science scene and the development of means of space exploration. On the strength of its ongoing research, the Agency is a key player in some of the most exciting space operations ever seen, and with its researchers and astronauts, it is constantly working to implement technologies and processes to better and better understand the immensity of the cosmos and its connections to our planet.

Cristiano di Thiene

Cristiano di Thiene is a historic Italian company that has always specialized in leather processing and the creation of total look clothing lines for men, women and children. From the punctual study of materials and market trends to the creative realization of finished products, the company follows and develops the entire product life cycle to achieve unique and distinctive garments. It is now the exclusive licensee of the ASI brand.

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